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Leading the Way: How RO Leverages AI to Elevate Pre-Construction Standards

Updated: Feb 27

Who is RO?

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Rogers-O'Brien Construction (RO) is an industry-leading, Texas-based commercial construction company dedicated to providing exceptional quality and service. With a strong commitment to safety, innovation, and employee well-being, Rogers-O'Brien Construction consistently delivers projects that exceed client expectations while fostering a safe and productive work environment. RO's quality team, composed of experts in both project management and field operations, allows the company to consistently deliver on its core value of Commitment to Quality.

Value of AI Automated Checks

FIRMUS AI elevates pre-construction by using AI to streamline a straightforward drag-and-drop upload review process. This quickly pinpoints missing or inconsistent design information, which

can directly result in cost and schedule overruns for contractors. RO has utilized our

platform to enhance their pre-construction process, primarily by redirecting their

teams’ focus toward the issues with a higher impact on their project risk:

“FIRMUS’ automated process has helped RO quickly identify conflicts and missing information in the project documents. This frees up our pre-construction team to spend more time reaching out to bidders, working with our operations teams on schedule and logistics, and other critical tasks. It also allows us to communicate to our clients and the design teams quicker, which means quicker development of the design packages. It would take someone on our team 20 to 40 hours to produce a similar report that FIRMUS provides. In the typical 3 to 4 weeks we have to budget a project that translates into 5 to 13 hours a week in savings.”

Rogers-O'Brien Construction

The Scalability of Firmus

FIRMUS's level of automation enables us to provide results in timeframes unprecedented in the market. The reliability and consistency of this turnaround empower our partners to enhance the efficiency of their pre-construction review process and strengthen relationships with their clients. No other solution in the market matches our results coverage and processing time.

“As the popularity of plan review company services grows in the industry, we have experienced significantly longer lead times to receive reports back. FIRMUS’ innovative approach to the increasing demand of these services is to implement a hybrid AI and manual check process. This allows them to not only return reports back much quicker (48 hours vs 2 to 3 weeks) but they will also review multiple drawing packages for a project as the design progresses to track resolved issues, unresolved issues, and new issues.”


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