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About Us

Transforming uncertainty into precision in preconstruction

At Firmus, we harmonize the art of construction with the science of AI, driven by the belief that technology is the future of this industry. Innovators, we aspire to address the most pressing challenges in construction. Our team, a fusion of seasoned construction experts and AI pioneers, is committed to transforming project conception, planning, and execution.


Tackling preconstruction uncertainty is at the core of our mission. We bring certainty and risk mitigation into the preconstruction phase with our proprietary AI algorithms. Specializing in PDF drawing set analysis, we identify design-related risks and elevate decision-making. This approach enables preconstruction teams to

proactively address design issues, leading to more accurate bids and safeguarding reputations.


Our solution is more than just technology; it's a partnership committed to building a future marked by efficiency, precision, and clarity.


With Firmus, customers enjoy significant time savings and enhanced efficiency, culminating in more accurate bids and stronger stakeholder relationships. We don't just offer a service; we're redefining the approach to preconstruction challenges, turning uncertainty into a clear path for project success.

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To establish clarity and reduce risk in every construction project

Our Mission

We are committed to transforming construction drawings into structured data with AI. We are your preconstruction AI ally, ensuring that every project you undertake is built on a foundation of certainty and precision. At the end of the day, your success is our blueprint.

Our Benefits

Redefining preconstruction with AI-powered solutions

Risk mitigation

Firmus’ AI algorithms analyze construction drawings to identify and mitigate risks early, reducing the chance of costly mistakes and disputes.

Decision-making and accuracy

Firmus provides insights for informed decision-making, leading to better bid accuracy, and solid project execution.

Efficiency and cost savings

Streamlining pre-construction reviews and analysis, Firmus saves time and costs, preventing expensive errors and rework.

Enhanced stakeholder relationships

Firmus’ focus on transparency and early detection improves trust and collaboration among contractors, clients, and all project stakeholders.

Empowerment with AI

More than a tool, Firmus empowers professionals by automating mundane and time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic project aspects and improving job satisfaction.

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Our Values

The pillars of our commitment

To Innovate for the Future

Pioneering AI solutions to redefine the future of preconstruction.

Commitment to quality and accuracy

Focusing on quality ensures every project meets the highest standards with meticulous precision.


Transparency and trust

Building trust through transparency in every phase of construction.


Collaborative partnership

Partnering for success in every construction journey.


Empowerment through efficiency

Empowering professionals with efficient solutions for intelligent project management.

Get to Know Us

Ready to get started with your AI ally in preconstruction excellence?

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