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FIRMUS Impact Overview 2023

Updated: Feb 28


This Impact report, created in collaboration with Shibolet ESG, examines the potential of FIRMUS's advanced software platform to drive environmental sustainability within the construction industry.

Shibolet ESG is a part of Shibolet Consulting Ltd. Which is a subsidiary of the law firm Shibolet & Co. Shibolet ESG was established to assist businesses in implementing ESG guidelines and standards.

FIRMUS Impact Overview 2023 opens with statistics on the extent of the environmental impact of the construction industry, including energy consumption, waste generation, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Rework has been identified as a top contributor to the industry's resource depletion, waste generation, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as water and air pollution. All of this is in addition to its impact on construction itself, affecting factors such as time, cost, productivity, and safety.

The report demonstrates how the FIRMUS solution addresses 70% of the causes of rework and reduces construction efforts.

Firmus reduces construction rework

Advancing Sustainability with FIRMUS

FIRMUS's advanced software platform revolutionizes pre-construction decision-making and contributes to environmental sustainability by addressing design-related risks and minimizing rework. This proactive approach lowers the construction industry's environmental impact, optimizes resource utilization, and reduces energy consumption and waste generation.

Through FIRMUS's automated analysis of drawing sets, design errors, and construction efforts are reduced, aligning with the industry's sustainability goals. By empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions and fostering effective communication, FIRMUS cultivates a culture of efficiency, sustainability, and social responsibility in the construction sector.

Avoiding potential Change Orders and rework has allowed FIRMUS to mitigate negative social and financial impacts on the construction team and the community. Even a single identified issue can result in substantial cost savings. As the construction industry evolves, adopting innovative technologies like FIRMUS is crucial for building a greener and more sustainable future. Collaboratively, we can leave a lasting positive impact on both society and the environment, with FIRMUS leading the way.

Firmus Impact graph

Download the full report here:

FIRMUS_Impact_Overview_ 2023
Download PDF • 11.50MB

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