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FIRMUS automatically identifies design related risks on drawings to the bidding and building processes 

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Launching in December 2021

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As part of the FIRMUS BID set analysis platform, we're offering limited FREE use of the DOOR ANALYSIS feature. 

You upload your PDF drawing set, and the doors feature automatically analyzes floor plans, finds discrepancies between doors in the plans and the schedule, verifies door schedule integrity and identifies various door-design related issues that affect pricing.

Run it on any project, regardless of size or number of sheets and start saving.
Results could be exported to PDF or Excel.

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Automatically identifying missing or incorrect design information that directly leads to cost and schedule overrun  for contractors

Identify risks early.

FIRMUS utilizes Computer Vision on construction drawings to automatically identify design errors and help customers avoid 
errors in estimates and construction and reducing rework, delays and related risks. (1).gif (3).gif

Manage project risk.

Sophisticated BI, dashboards and detailed reports help improve decision making processes and allow customers to quickly address greatest risks, track design development and manage their team. 

Resolve issues.

FIRMUS intuitive cloud based interface allows customers to effectively assign and mitigate every issue. FIRMUS is building a community that empowers customers with industry’s best practices.

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