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Flintco: Innovating
Construction with
Firmus AI

How the Tech Leader Leverages AI for Preconstruction Clarity and Efficiency

Flintco LLC Team

In Firmus' latest case study, Flintco shares its process and workflow around preconstruction. “Firmus meticulously completes the more repetitive ‘mundane’ tasks required during a review with great efficiency and accuracy,” said Michael Thole, Director Corporate Quality at Flintco. “Using Firmus allows our preconstruction teams to focus on the technical aspects of the design while delivering a reliable and thorough plan check of the drawing set itself. 

Issue Detected  - Glazing Tags

“Nobody wants to see a piece of plywood plugging a hole on a building facade because the glass order was inaccurate.”

 — Michael Thole, Director, Corporate Quality

Flintco used Firmus, for example, in advance of putting a large glazing and curtain wall bid package on the street. The glazing schedule showed various curtain wall, storefront, and spandrel glass systems. Firmus flagged multiple inconsistencies in the drawing set where curtainwall systems were incorrectly tagged as spandrel glass. Flintco’s preconstruction team was able to quickly review the design documents and verify the unique quantities necessary before purchasing. 

The result improves “first-time quality” in the field. The same scenario applies to doors and hardware schedules, which have become a long lead item since the pandemic caused supply chain issues." 


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Firmus Raises New Round of Financing Led by Navitas Capital

On May 15, 2024 Firmus announced it closed on several million dollars in additional funding. The capital raised will fuel Firmus’ rapid growth in cutting-edge AI-driven bid-ability and constructibility review with expanded capabilities, new system integrations, and deeper market penetration. 

The benefits and use cases for Firmus’ unique capabilities continue to expand through new integrations and a broader range of AI and machine learning technology. The investment from Navitas Capital will enable Firmus to continue to increase its coverage of reviews and to expand its reach to general contractors, developers, and AEC communities.


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Firmus AI-Review


Dashboard filter bar

New dashboard filter bar released!

Click on any dashboard graph to see the issue type indicators in the filter bar. The SEE RESULTS button on the right side will take you to the Issue Mitigation Workspace to view those specific issues in detail. Login to your account to check it out!


Environmental Sustainability
Firmus Environmental Impact Overview 

Created in collaboration with Shibolet ESG, this impact report examines the potential of Firmus' advanced AI software platform to drive environmental sustainability within the construction industry.

Cost of Undetected Design Risk
Cost of Undetected Design Risk

In this article, we look at why identifying discrepancies during the bid phase not only reduces costs and provides crucial information but also mitigates delays and rework.

AI for Bid Accuracy
How AI Can Increase Bid Accuracy

Design discrepancies can cost 8% of construction expenses, with bid variations of 5% to 30% and 24% of claims due to incomplete designs.

Firmus ensures bid accuracy and mitigates costly rework.

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