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Your AI ally in

Actionable insights reducing inherent risks and elevating project quality for General Contractors, Architects, and Developers.

Firmus AI design review

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Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc.

Mitigate risk

Firmus' AI analyze construction drawings to identify and mitigate risks early, reducing the chance of costly mistakes and disputes. 

Mitigate Risk
Bid with Certainty

Bid with certainty

Firmus provides insights for informed decision-making, leading to better, more accurate bidding, and solid project execution. 

Empower your team

Firmus empowers professionals by automating mundane and time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic project aspects and improving job satisfaction.

Automate tasks

How it works


Drag and Drop interface

Seamlessly upload construction designs into Firmus, setting the stage for in-depth Computer Vision AI analysis to detect errors and scope gaps. 


Our platform processes the uploaded data, providing comprehensive analytics and reports for enhanced risk management and decision-making.


Resolve and excel in the action phase, efficiently address identified issues using Firmus' cloud-based tools, ensuring project accuracy and gaining a competitive edge.

Firmus Scanned Documents

We provide a suite of AI tools that scan hundreds of drawing sheets, identifying issues with construction documents, such as incomplete design, scope gaps, missing information, and discrepancies.


We have several pricing options to meet your unique needs. 

  • How does Firmus improve the pre-construction process?
    Firmus significantly reduces design-related risks and errors, leading to fewer construction disputes, claims, and rework.
  • Who can benefit from using Firmus?
    General Contractors, Construction Management firms, architects, owners, and anyone involved in the pre-construction phase can benefit from Firmus’ AI-driven insights. Firmus enables informed decision making in creating target budgets, eliminating resubmissions, and reducing AEC costs.
  • How does Firmus analyze construction drawings?
    Firmus uses proprietary, highly tailored AI algorithms to analyze PDF construction drawings, identifying potential design-related risks and errors at various stages of project development.
  • Is the analysis by Firmus a one-time process?
    No, Firmus’ analysis is iterative. As the design progresses (100% DD, 50% CD, 90% CD, IFP, IFC, etc.), the drawings can be re-uploaded for continued analysis, tracking resolved issues and ensure new issues are identified promptly.
  • Does Firmus replace manual project review processes?
    While Firmus automates and enhances the review process, it complements human expertise by handling time-consuming tasks, allowing teams to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of project management.
  • What features does the Firmus dashboard offer?
    The Firmus dashboard presents AI analysis results, allows users to filter and manage issues, and facilitates team collaboration by assigning tasks and tracking issue resolution.
  • Can Firmus help with project monitoring and updates?
    Yes, Firmus supports ongoing project monitoring. Users can upload new drawing versions as the project progresses for continuous risk assessment.
  • What are the subscription options for Firmus?
    Firmus offers flexible subscription models. Our Evaluation Package includes a set number of analyses, with the option to renew for additional analyses or an Annual Plan to support ongoing or multiple projects. Firmus also offers a “pay per project” option.
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